Belize Real Estate Lawyer

Mikhail Arguelles and Associates is a real estate lawyer in Belize working closely and diligently with clients to make safe and secure real estate transactions.

Why Talk to a Real Estate Lawyer Before Your Purchase?

Purchasing property in any country, not just Belize, is a process riddled with complexity. Without due diligence, buyers and property owners can be exposed to many risks and liabilities. A real estate lawyer can help reduce your exposure to risks and liabilities and can help protect and secure your rights throughout each stage of the buying process. And because lawyers are held accountable to high standards of professional conduct, you’ll be in the best position against scams, con artists, or negligent paperwork.

Our Real Estate Law Services

Our real estate law services include: protecting and securing of client rights during transactions; title searches to review historical evidence and guarantee that your property is free of restrictions and existing liens; vetting and drafting of purchase and sale agreements; escrow services; closings.

Title Searches

Once you are ready to purchase property in Belize, it is recommended to verify that the property is in a state where it can pass freely to you, the buyer (indefeasible title). To do this, you will need verify the ownership and rights to the property through a title search in government records. A title search confirms who the owner of the property is and if there are any encumbrances attached to the property (leases, charges/mortgages etc.), or if any restrictions, cautions, liens, exist. It puts the buyer in the best position to navigate with a view to securing indefeasible title. We can assist every step of the way in what can be a very complex process.

Drafting and Vetting of Purchase and Sales Agreements

It is well advised to have our attorneys draft for you terms of purchase or sale agreement, depending on your individual case which aids in securing your rights and gives you recourse to the courts if there is a breach. If one already exists, we can vet and advise as to your rights and obligations.

Drafting of Transfer Instruments

We can assist with the process of drafting transfer instruments as well as drafting deeds of conveyance. Stamp duty is assessed at 5% or 8% of the consideration of the property with the first US $10,000.00 of the consideration being exempt from the assessment. The Lands Department reserves the right to assess the value of the property higher than what it is actually being sold for and in that case you, the Purchaser, may be required to pay additional stamp duty.

Escrow Services

Most buyers and sellers feel confident and secure when a third party holds and regulates transfer payments. As escrow agents, funds are held in our escrow account and are released as agreed upon in the escrow services agreement and in line with the parties’ obligations and responsibilities and once they are fulfilled. We can act in this regard and will ensure your best interests.

Talk to a Lawyer Before Your Purchase in Belize